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Welcome to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (OSLC) is located in Spearfish, SD, and is one of nearly 10,000 congregations that make up the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). We are people from all walks of life, with varying histories and backgrounds, called together by God to celebrate our common identity in Jesus Christ. We celebrate our faith in our worship life together. We grow in our faith though study and conversation. We stretch our faith in service to one another and to our larger community, and we live out our faith daily in our callings, careers, and households.

Weekly Update

Feb 25    Second Sunday in Lent

Sun.:      8:30 AM Worship Service
              9:45 AM Education Hour
            10:45 AM Joyful Journey-led Worship Service
            ~ Visit our YouTube page to watch past service messages and live streamed services at 8:30 a.m. each Sunday morning. Please click on the "red arrow" above, or OSLC Spearfish YouTube                    

Mon.:      1:00 PM Yarn Ministry
               6:00 PM Good Shepherd Clinic

Tues.:     8:30 AM Fix-It Group
               9:00 AM Quilting
             12:15 PM Centering Prayer in the Sanctuary
               2:00 PM Two on Tuesdays Women's Bible Study
               6:30 PM Friendship Ministry
               7:00 PM Young Adults Bible Study @ The Living Room
Wed.:  10:45 AM Edgewood Vista Communion Service
            12:00 PM Lenten Lunch at United Methodist Church
              5:15 PM Bell Choir
              5:15 PM Confirmation
              5:16 PM Wednesday Night Supper
              5:40 PM Wednesday School
              6:26 PM Lenten Worship Service
              7:00 PM Senior Choir Practice
              7:10 PM High School Youth @ TLR
Thurs.: 12:00 PM Lunch @ The Living Room
              1:00 PM Quilting
Fri.:       6:00 AM Christian Business Men's Group @ TLR
           10:30 AM Memorial Service for Linda Easthouse


Mar 3  Third Sunday in Lent

    8:30 AM Worship Service
             9:45 AM Education Hour
           10:30 AM Joyful Journey-led Worship Service
              ~ Visit our YouTube page to watch past service messages and our live streamed service at 8:30 a.m. each Sunday morning. Please click on the "red arrow" above, or OSLC Spearfish YouTube


We invite you to join us Wednesdays, Feb. 28-Mar. 13, for Community Lenten Lunches and Worship! The lunches are at 12:00 noon at the United Methodist Church, 845 N. 5th St., Spearfish. All proceeds benefit the Spearfish Ministerial Assistance Fund.

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Food needs for February:
Apple juice, beef stew, jams or jellies, 2-pound bag flour or sugar, Jell-o pudding or gelatin, pancake mix.


UPDATE 2/26/24


On the first Sunday of Lent each year, we read from scripture the story of Jesus, after his baptism, being immediately driven into the wilderness. It's there that he's met with temptation to forget who he is and to lose his way. The wilderness is where the Jesus' journey begins. The rest of the story, if you look closely, is really Jesus making his way through wilderness of a different kind.

During the forty days of Lent this year, as we read stories from both Mark's and John's gospels, I'd invite us to imagine this journey as a wilderness trek. We'll be going along with Jesus through some pretty rough country...often deceptively dangerous territory. But we'll have a guide...one who has been there before; one who knows a way through it; one who is well aware of the dangerous, false trails; one packing a pretty potent First Aid kit and the ability to use it; and most importantly, one capable of taming the wilderness and making of it a garden.

It's a wild world we live in. But it needn't be for us a wilderness, a place of fear.

Join us on the Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings of Lent this year as we journey together, through the wilderness. It all starts on Ash Wednesday, February 14, and the journey continues to Good Friday on March 29. On Wednesday evenings of February 21 - March 20 we'll be using the Holden Evening Prayer liturgy as our framework for worship at 6:26 PM each night. So, lace up, and come along...

In hope of finding our way,

Pastor Stephan Sandness

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**The Lenten devotional booklets, "Gathered into One", are available in the Fellowship Hall, on the counters by the sanctuary. We hope you'll grab one for your household!** 

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If you're worshipping with us on-line, we'd like to extend to you an invitation to participate in the sacrament of Holy Communion with us during our live-stream. Here's How:

Before the service, simply prepare elements for communion to have ready...perhaps some bread from the pantry, or some crackers, as well as a small amount of wine or grape juice poured into individual small glasses or cups. Have these set aside for when the service begins. When the words of institution are proclaimed over the bread and wine on the altar, know that those words and the promise they bear ("given and shed FOR YOU") are proclaimed and prayed over the elements in your home. If you are worshipping alone in your home, commune yourself with us. If there are two or more of you gathered in front of the screen, commune each other with the same words:"The body of Christ, given for you. The blood of Christ, shed for you." If there are young children with you, mark the sign of the cross on their foreheads and remind them that Jesus loves them and forgives them all of their sins. As you share the meal, be assured that you're sharing it with all of those physically gathered, as well as with others gathering with you on-line. We pray this opportunity will be a strength and comfort to you, as you receive Jesus' presence through the sacrament. 

Pastor Stephan Sandness

Our Mission

Inspired by God’s grace, we open our hearts to all in faith, prayer, fellowship, and service through Jesus Christ.

School Year Worship Schedule

(Sunday after Labor Day to Sunday before Memorial Day Weekend)

Sunday Mornings

8:30 AM

Worship Service

10:45 AM

Joyful Journey-led Worship Service

Wednesday Evenings

6:26 PM

Wednesday Word

(Half-hour service of Word and Sacrament)

Summer Worship Schedule

(Sunday before Memorial Day to Sunday before Labor Day)

Sunday Mornings

9:00 AM

Worship (blending liturgical forms with modern sounds)

Wednesday Evenings

6:26 PM

Wednesday Word

(Half-hour service of Word and Sacrament)

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper at all of our Worship Services, unless otherwise noted. All who believe in Jesus Christ are welcome to the table.