Ministry Team

Mission Team

The Mission Team at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church serves to increase the congregation’s awareness of our calling to be a servant community by identifying the needs within our congregation, community, and our world; and by providing volunteering opportunities to address those needs.

Projects include:

Angel Tree:

Provide Christmas gifts for elders without family, for Northern Hills children who have a parent in prison, for Pine Ridge children identified through Lutheran Lakota Ministry, for Lutheran Campus Ministry’s children of Adopt-a-Mom, and for mothers and children at Artemis House.

Bread for the World:

Host an occasional information workshop and annual Offering of Letters.


Work with other congregations and businesses in Spearfish to provide new clothes for children prior to the start of school each fall.  Sponsor gift bags at the Ministry Fair occasionally.

ELCA World Hunger Offering:

Sponsor an annual special offering collected through the season of Lent.  Include intergenerational activities.

Equal Exchange (Fair-Trade Products):

Sponsor the sale of coffee, tea, chocolate, etc. to support fair-trade throughout the world.  At holiday time, promote alternate giving ideas through purchase of fair-trade products via Lutheran World Relief.

Food Pantry:

Gather food and provide volunteers to work in a seven month rotation with other community groups; encourage Kids of the Kingdom Sunday School, VBS, and youth groups to gather food; provide chili for the January Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Chili/Soup Supper fundraiser for the Food Pantry.

Global Mission:

Facilitate sponsorship of an ELCA Missionary via fundraising, communication, etc. Encourage our members and friends to participate in mission trips (SD Companion Synods of Cameroon and Nicaragua, and Sharing the Dream in Guatemala).  Support ongoing projects to support those missions, for example, Sharing the Dream in Guatemala artisan crafts and regular contributions toward Nicaraguan and Cameroon projects.  Sponsor fellowship at mission presentations to encourage participation.

Native American Ministry:

Provide opportunities for people to experience life and ministry in Pine Ridge through Lutheran Lakota Ministries and in Rapid City through Woyatan Lutheran Church.

Salvation Army:

Provide support through volunteers to the Salvation Army’s Christmas Bell Ringing ministry on a Saturday in December.

Anyone interested in serving on the Mission Team or participating in any of the projects, please contact Deacon Laura Campbell at the church.

Worship & Arts

The Worship and Arts Team is responsible for what we do when we gather for worship.  The team strives to engage all who gather here in meaningful expression of thankful praise using ancient liturgical forms, as well as more modern expressions and sounds.

Worship Schedule and Services


The Stewardship Team of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church encourages us to lives of unfettered generosity and promotes a thoughtful use of the gifts God has given us.

A steward is a manager who takes care of something.  To be a good steward of one’s health means to be mindful of what we consume, how we rest, how we work, and how we play to retain optimal health.  To be good stewards of our finances means to use wisely the money at our disposal.

Being a Christ-centered steward of one’s life means taking care of all our gifts in a way that leads to abundant life for the sake of the community and for ourselves as the whole Body of Christ.

An important part of the stewardship of OSLC is sharing our financial resources for the sake of mission and ministry.  We do it as individual members and families through our regular gifts, and we do it as a congregation by supporting ministries outside our walls.

To financially support the ministries of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, click the "Online Giving" link below.

Communications Team

The communication team at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church started in 2017, to focus on all the different ways the church communicates with its members and with those outside the church who may be looking for a church home, looking for information about the church, or looking for information about the Christian faith.  The team chose three areas which make up the different ways the church connects with others to share news and information.

First, the team focused on branding and the creation of a logo.  The purpose of branding centered on sharing our idea of what is meant by the words “Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Spearfish, SD,” and creating a logo to symbolically represent OSLC.

Second, the team began updating the church’s website, a huge undertaking, which required the team to not only identify the various groups within the church, but also to collect updated information from those groups. After collecting the information, the team began to write up the descriptions and missions of those groups within an organizational strategy for the website.

Third, the team redesigned the print materials using the new logo on envelopes, stationery letterhead, and business cards.

Education Team

The congregation of OSLC in Spearfish takes very seriously the responsibility of sharing our faith with children of all ages, from cradle to grave. Our Education Team oversees the following faith-sharing endeavors.

SPLASH / Cradle Roll ministry and the transition from Cradle Roll to Sunday School.

The support and celebration of those who staff our Sunday School, Kids on Wednesdays, and Vacation Bible School programs.

Opportunities for fun, fellowship, and learning outside the regular Sunday morning or Wednesday evening education hours in after school programing, seasonal events, and the once-a-month Wednesday KidZone program during the school year.

The promotion of Lutherans Outdoors, by encouraging our kids and adults to avail themselves of the outdoor ministry opportunities we have through LOSD, through publicity, registration assistance, and campership support.

Regular and consistent communication with the congregation regarding our Parish Education opportunities through newsletters, bulletins, temple talks, e-mail, social media, and any other means available.

Our Confirmation ministry for middle-school students and our Wednesday night Youth Group for senior high students.

Growth-in-faith opportunities for adults of all ages, by exploring and promoting Bible studies, book studies, and seminars.

Properties Team

OSLC is blessed with two marvelous physical facilities: our main building at the corner of State and Michigan, and “The Living Room,” which houses our Campus Ministry and serves as a meeting place for our youth group and many others small groups, at the corner of Yale and Jackson.

Our Properties Team consists of a couple of Church Council members, and  others who have a passion for the physical stewardship of our church home. If you have such a passion, or are uniquely blessed with the gifts to understand plumbing, electrical, HVAC, landscaping, or any other facilities management skills, please consider joining the Properties Team to share your expertise.